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Part C3 原文 单选 The two friends sat in a corner and __B__ away to each other about the weather . a.talkedb.chatted c.muttered d.whispered He is going to __D__ the meeting on the subject of war and peace in a minute . a.s

Part C3 原文
The two friends sat in a corner and __B__ away to each other about the weather
a.talked  b.chatted   c.muttered   d.whispered

He is going to __D__ the meeting on the subject of war and peace in a minute
a.speak   b.talk   c.remark   d.address

Although not an economist himself, Dr. Smith has long been a severe critic of the government's __A__ policies.
a. economic      b. economical      c. economy     d. economics

There are not many teachers who are strong _C_of traditional methods in English teaching.
a. sponsors     b. contributors      c. advocates    d. performers

A friendship may be ___B___ , casual, situational or deep and lasting.
a. identical      b. superficial     c. critical    d. original

Nobody yet knows how long and how seriously the shakiness in the financial system will _C_ down the economy.
a. put      b. settle     c. drag      d. knock

We are _D_ to the idea, but we doubt whether the time is ripe to put it into force.
a. equal     b. adequate    c. considerate    d. sympathetic

People were surprised to find that Mr. Johnson had the ability to ___B__ everything he was involved in.
a. Prevail       b. dominate      c. preside     d. instruct

You can do it if you want to, but in my opinion it’s not worth the __D__ it involves.
a. force   b. trial   c. attempt   d. effort

The manager gave one of the salesgirls an accusing look for __D__ her attitude toward customers.
a. straightforward   b. partial    c. favorable    d. hostile
As a defense against air-pollution damage, many plants and animals __B__ a substance to absorb harmful chemicals.
A. relieve     B. release     C. dismiss    D. discard
This __B_ was conducted to find out how many people prefer rice.
a. examination   b. survey   c. inspection    d. test
He said that very clearly so that nobody was in any___B__ about what was meant.
a. wonder     b. doubt     c. question    d. consideration
You must pack plenty of food for the journey. __D__, you will need warm clothes, so pack them too.
a. Equally    b. Incidentally     c. Inevitably     d. Likewise
Throughout history man has had to accept the fact that all living things must die.But people now live longer than they __1__.Yet,all living things still show the __2__ of aging,which will eventually __3__ death.
Aging is not a disease,but as a person passes maturity (成熟期),the cells of the body and the __4__they form do not function as well as they __5__ in childhood and teenage years.The body provides less __6__ against disease and is more __7__ to have accident.
A number of related causes may __8__ aging.Some cells of the body have a fairly long life,but they are not __9__ when they die.As a person ages,__10__ of brain cells and muscle cells decreases.__11__ body cells die and are replaced by new cells.In an aging person the __12__ cells may not be as workable or as capable __13__ growth as those of a young person.
Another __14__ in aging may be changes within the cells __15__.Some of the protein chemicals in cells are known __16__ with age and become less elastic (有弹性的).This is why the skin of old people wrinkles (皱纹) and __17__.This is also the reason why old people __18__ in height.There may be other more important chemical changes in the cells.Some complex cell chemicals,such as DNA and RNA,store and __19__ information that the cells need.Aging may affect this __20__and change the information­carrying molecules so that they do not transmit the information as well.
1A.would   B.be used to  C.used to   D.used
解析:句意:但是人们现在比过去寿命长。used to表示“过去经常做……”,暗示现在并不如此,此处指过去的情况,正好与句意相符。would可表示“过去经常”,但不含“今昔对比”之意。注意该词组与be used to的区别,后者意为“习惯于……”,to为介词。D项之所以不对,是因为在以下词组中,当不定式省略时,通常要保留不定式符号to,如:used to,be going to,mean to,ought to,try to,plan to等。
2A.function   B.effect  C.affect  D.sign
3A.lead in  B.give in  C.run into   D.result in
解析:根据主句内容,which引导非限制性定语从句,which表示前面的“衰老的结果”,即:衰老的结果最终导致死亡。result in“使发生,导致”;lead in无此搭配,在表示“导致”时,应为lead to;give in “让步,屈服”;run into“陷入”,常指陷入困境。
4A.hands  B.feet  C.heart  D.organs
5A.do  B.has done  C.did  D.had done
解析:此句中的did是用来代替前面的动词function,以避免重复。因为这里有一个表示过去的时间状语in childhood and teenage years,所以只能用一般过去时。
6A.energy  B.protection  C.vigor  D.power
7A.likely  B.probable  C.possible   D.alike
解析:likely,possible和probable它们三者都表示“可能”,均可以构成:It is possible/probable/likely+that从句。但probable和possible不能用于sb.is possible/probable to do sth.句型中。alike“相似的”,不符合句意。
8A.attend to   B.contribute to   C.add to   D.devote to
解析:句意:有一些相关的原因可能促使人衰老。contribute to“有助于,起作用,促成”,此意义符合题意。attend to“专心于”;add to“增加,把……添加到……”;devote to“致力于,献身于”。这四个词组中的to都是介词,要注意它和不定式符号to的区别。
9A.replaced   B.reborn     C.recovered    D.surrendered
解析:此句与下文相对应,根据下文第十一空之后出现的replace (代替)可确定该空选replaced;reborn“新生的,复活的”;recovered“恢复”;surrendered“屈服”。
10A.a number   B.the amount    C.the number   D.a great deal
解析:根据此句的谓语动词decreases可确定其主语应为the number,表示“……的数量”,作主语时,应该使用单数的谓语动词;a number of“许多,大量”常用来修饰复数名词,作主语时,要使用复数谓语动词;the amount of“……的数量是”,常接不可数名词;a great deal of“大量的”,后接不可数名词。
11A.The others   B.The other    C.Another    D.Other
解析:根据这一段里谈到的不同情况的细胞,上文用了some cells of the body不能再生,很显然下文中用other body cells可以被新的细胞所代替。这样other与上文的some相呼应。其他词都不能起此作用。
12A.old  B.left  C.new  D.other
解析:根据上文的意思,这里还在继续谈论第二种可再生细胞,即:the new cells。
13A.to  B.for  C.of  D.in
解析:be capable of是固定搭配,表示“有……的能力”。句意:老年人的新细胞的发展能力不如年轻人的强。其他介词不与capable搭配。
14A.factor   B.effect   C.reason   D.element
15A.for themselves   B.of themselves    C.themselves   D.on their own
16A.change   B.to have changed     C.to change    D.to be changed
解析:本句是被动句式,其主动句式是:It is known that some of the protein chemicals in cells change with age and become less elastic.句意:大家知道细胞内有些蛋白质随着年龄的增大而改变,变得没有那么有弹性。在叙述一般性事物时,动词know之后的不定式不用进行式和完成式。
17A.hangs loose  B.hangs loosely    C.is hanging loosely  D.is hanging loose
18A.increase   B.shrink   C.lengthen   D.decrease
解析:句意:这就是为什么老人的身高会收缩的原因。因此表“收缩”的只有shrink;increase“增加”和lengthen“变长”与题意不符; decrease“减少”,一般强调量的减少,也不符合题意。
19A.pass away   B.pass by   C.pass off   D.pass on
解析:根据上下文内容应选pass on,表示“把……传给另一个,转移”,句中store and pass on information指“储存和传递信息”,符合句意。其他三个选项都不符合句意。pass away“去世”;pass by“经过,从……旁边走过”;pass off“逐渐消失,停止”。
20A.improvement    B.procession     C.approach   D.process


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