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听力 Part A 原文 In my opinion, technology has become too advanced. I am 17-years-old, and I can still remember a time when I did not have a computer in my home, and if you did, it was uncommon. Not until the mid-1990s was it common for(

Part A 原文
In my opinion, technology has become too advanced. I am 17-years-old, and I can still remember a time when I did not have a computer in my home, and if you did, it was uncommon. Not until the mid-1990s was it common for(middle class families) to have computers. In our society today, almost every single family has at least one computer if not more, and these computers are incredibly advanced compared to what you'd have had in your home a short ten years ago. Over the years, I have seen technology bloom; all I have known my entire lifetime, is that there is going to be something bigger, I should really say smaller, and better (out on the market) in no time. I can't believe how fast manufacturers are coming out with new technology. What will happen in the future, will technology become so advanced is changes the course of our humanity? You can do everything you want from a computer, work, play,(talk to friends), research, and even order food! A person could live their entire life jammed up in a room with a computer, and they would have access to everything they need! It is insane! The advances in communication technology are blowing up all over the place as well. I, myself just bought a new camera phone, and this phone is amazing. The picture quality is superb, and not only that but I (have access to the) internet on my PHONE! I can't believe how the cell phone market has so drastically increased. The first phone I ever had was five years ago, when I was 12 years old. That phone today would be considered huge, clunky, heavy, and "old". I personally couldn't even imagine myself walking around with that phone(without being embarrassed). It just goes to show how much things have changed in five years, and people just keep on taking it all in. Every time I have bought a new phone since that point, six months later, I have wanted a new one because my phone was not up to date. Can you believe it, after not even a year a phone can completely go off the market because it is not advanced enough? The manufacturers are putting these things out faster than people can buy them.
Part B 原文
It is an honor to speak with you today on the issue of( public health disparities). I would first like to thank the organizations that made this event possible. This has truly been a collaborative effort among a diverse group of constituents. I think this sets a positive tone and precedent for a healthy and spirited discussion. As many of you may know, reforming and improving our health care system is an issue that is close to my heart. I believe that in the richest and most powerful country in the world, we ought to be able to provide (basic health care)to all of our citizens. It is vitally important that we lessen the impact and burden of illness on all people in communities, regardless of race, gender, or religions. Our discussions today are critically important to rectify the injustices that many people face in our current health care system. Today’s sessions have a greater purpose than mere discussions and networking opportunities----today’s conference signifies an increased and (necessary call for action) among our region’s top health professionals. Public health is directly connected to poverty, income, education, and community. We cant’ look at health care in a silo and assume it is only a luxury for the well off. Health care needs to be provided to all people of all color. We are morally responsible for (improving the disparities in health care) because a healthy society is the foundation on which we build our schools, our neighborhoods, and our economy. Health care is not a privilege----it is a right. I know we have along road to travel in achieving equality in health status. I know that everyone here knows this. And I am hopeful that perhaps more people than ever are (finally waking up to this reality).
Part C1 原文
There were very few places in the world that Jules Verne, the writer,, did not visit. He went round the world a hundred times or more. Once he did it in eighty days, unheard of in the nineteenth century. He voyaged sixty thousand miles under the sea, toured around the moon, exploded the center of the earth, and chatted with natives in Australia. Jules Verne, the man, was a stay-at-home. He was more likely to be tired from writing than from traveling. He did make a few visits to Europe and North Africa. And he made one six-week tour of New York State. But that was all. He spent less than one of his seventy-seven years really traveling. Yet he was the world’s most extraordinary tourist. His books are crowded with hunting and fishing expeditions. Jules actually went hunting only once. Then he raised his gun and shot off the guard’s hat! He never held a test tube in his hand. But he was an inspiration to the scientist in the laboratory. Long before radio was invented, he had TV working in his books. His name for it was phono-telephoto. He had helicopters fifty years before the Wright brothers flew their first plane at Kitty Hawk. In fact, there were few wonders of the twentieth century that this man of the nineteenth century did not foresee. In his stories you can read about neon lights, moving sidewalks, air-conditioners, sky-scrapers, guided missiles, tanks, electrically operated submarines, and air-planes,and so on.
Part C2 原文
Very old people do raise moral problems for almost everyone who comes in contact with them. Their values—this can’t be repeated too often—are not necessarily our values. Physical comfort, cleanness and order are not necessarily the most important things. The social services from time to time find themselves faced with a flat with decaying food covered by small worms, and an old person lying alone in bed, taking no notice of the worms. But is it interfering with personal freedom to insist that they go to live with some of their relatives so that they might be taken better care of? Some social workers, the ones who clear up the worms, think we are in danger of carrying this concept of personal freedom to the point where serious risks are being taken with the health and safety of the old.Indeed, the old can be easily hurt or harmed. The body is like a car, it needs more mechanical maintenance as it gets older. You can carry this comparison right through to the provision of spare parts. But never forget that such operations are painful experiences, however good the results will be. And at what point should you stop to treat the old body? Is it morally right to try to push off death by seeking the development of drugs to excite the forgetful old mind and to activate the old body, knowing that it is designed to die? You can’t ask doctors or scientists to decide, because so long as they can see the technical opportunities, they will feel bound to give them a try, on the principle that while there’s life, there’s hope.
Some social workers think that __A__ .
A) health and safety are more important than personal freedom
B) personal freedom is more important than health and safety
C) old people should keep their rooms clean
D) one should not take the risk of dealing with old people

In the author''s opinion, __B_ .
A) the human body can''t be compared to a car
B) the older a person, the more care he needs
C) too much emphasis has been put on old people''s values
D) it is easy to provide spare parts for old people

The author thinks that __C__ .
A) medical decisions for old people should be left to the doctors
B) old people can enjoy a happy life only if they are very rich
C) the opinion that we should try every means possible to save old people  is doubtful
D) it is always morally right to treat old people and push off death


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