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  31. When the eye of the hurricane paused over there was a lull in the storm.

  [ A ] fresh out, burst [ B ] calm interval [ C ]rise in the wind [ D ] freshening,

  32, The officer indicted the suspect for sabotage.

  [ A ] allowed [ B ] ordered [ C ] beseeched [ D ] charged

  33. It was the very position that they scrambled for.

  [ A ] aspired [ B ] fought [ C ] searched [ D ] longed

  34. He promised that he would write legibly.

  [ A ] in accordance with law [ B ] easily to be read

  [ C ] not in accordance with law [ D ] difficult to be read

  35. The rock was poised on the edge of the cliff.

  [ A ] balanced [ B ] dangling [ C ] enhanced [ D ] perpendicular

  36. He reciprocated by wishing her a pleasant journey.

  [ A ] cut off [ B ] got back [ C ]] gave in return [ D ] put back

  37. No remnants of the settlement of Roanoke were found by the next group of colonists.

  [ A] traces [ B ] survivors [ C ] buildings [ D ] implements

  38. When the bell rang, the chemistry student jerked her hand.

  [A] abruptly pulled [ B ] clapped [ C ] gently moved [ D] rubbed

  39. He is dubious about the success of the plan.

  [A] ambiguous [ B ] articulate [ C ] indifferent [ D ] doubtful

  40. In the 197O's, many governments' efforts to curb inflation were unsuccessful.

  [ A ]resist [ B ] induce [ C ] sustain [ D ] control

  41. The movie critic said that Airplane, the parody of disaster movies, was hilarious.

  [ A ] suspensible [ B ] noisily merry [ C ] realistic [ D ] very tragic

  42. In spite of medical advances, that disease is usually fatal.

  [ A ] curable [ B ] painful [ C ] deadly [ D ] disabling

  43. The sculptor, Lorenzo Ghiberti, blended medieval grace with Renaissance realism.

  [A] produced [ B ] combined [ C ] invented [ D] discovered

  44. Pilfering by company employees costs many businesses thousands of dollars each year.

  [ A ] absent-mindedness [ B ] stealing [ C ] tardiness [ D ] ignorance

  45. His special character impeded his ability to speak in front of large groups of people.

  [ A ] hindered [ B ] halted [ C ] accelerated [ D ] fostered

  Section B

  Directions: Questions 46 -- 60 are incomplete sentences. Beneath each sentence you will see four words or phrases, marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one word or phrase that best completes the sentence. Then blacken your answer in the corresponding space on your answer sheet.

  46. The school could no__ building apartments for the staff members.

  [ A ] run out [ B ] run out of [C] run to ID] run into

  47. We had to wait some time before the menu was brought to us and our orders___

  [ A ] taken [ B ] given [ C ] done [ D ] made

  48. Anthropology can be an subject.

  [ A ] abstemious [ B ] abstruse [ C ] ambidextrous [ D ] ambience

  49. The Chairman of our dramatic society was in the middle of phoning me when we were

  IAI cut in {B] cut off ICI cut down ID] cut out

  50, Accidents and exhaustion may force more than half the cyclists to drop out ~fore reaching the

  IAI dead line [ B ] end line [C] finish line ID] finishing line

  51, The well-meaning lady always her opinions into matters of no concern to her.

  [ A ] obtruded [ B ] intruded [ C J extruded [ D ] protruded

  52. If you keep getting wrong numbers, your phone could be

  IAI deceptive [ B ] defective ICI deficient ID] ineffective

  53. Researchers claim it's all the high-rises in this area that make the on television sets so poor.

  [ A] station [ B ] reception [ C ] programmed [ D] quality

  54. The light of day can be seen at about four o'clock.

  [ A ] incipient [ B ] incisive [ C ] incestuous [ D] incite

  55. After spending so many days lost in the desert, he was suffering from severe

  [A] hyper hydration [ B ] hypo hydration [ C ] sub hydration [ D ] dehydration

  56. Henry Adams Joseph Williams as the Ambassador to Russia.

  [ A ] supervised [ B ] superseded [ C ] superconductor [ D ] supercharged

  57. The highest mountain in New Zealand, Mount Cook, is now 10 feet shorter because some of the__ at its top slid down in 1991.

  [ A ] land [ B ] soil [C] earth [ D ] dirt

  58. When Ken studied at Stanford University, he lived the University.

  [ A ] out of [ B ] apart from IC] distant from [ D ] a long way from

  59. On that bitterly cold winter night ,few people walked along the now narrow street.

  [ A ] deserted [ B ] lonely [ C ] isolated [ D ] neglected

  60. The Sears Company recently made because of financial troubles.

  [ A ] cuts [B] demands ICI omissions ID] orders


  Directions: In questions 61 -- 70, each sentence has four underlined words or phrases. The four underlined parts of the sentence are marked A, B, C and D. Identify the one underlined word or phrase that must be changed in order for the sentence to be correct. Then blacken your answer in the corresponding space on your answer sheet.

  61. People lived at the mid-level and mountain slopes experienced the greatest catastrophe when the incessant rain caused a sudden land-slide over the area.

  62. The course leader requests that all theses are handed in before 5 0 p. m. next Friday.

  63. The group of spectators was dispersed by the police who was at the scene of the accident within minutes.

  64. Why don't you try your hand at printing, now that you have retired job.

  65. Only by this means you can do what is expected of you.

  66. The committee have decided at its annual meeting that new regulation regarding this phenomenon be imposed as soon as possible.

  67. No bank keeps enough cash paying all its depositors in full at one time.'

  68. In his responses to the advertisement, Ed replied that he was looking for a full-time position not part-time one.

  69. While still a young boy Bizet knew how to play the piano well and as he grew elder, he wrote operas, the most famous of which is Carmen.

  70. The house has been vacant for a year when the new tenant arrived bringing with him several pets.

  Part IV CLOZE TEST (10 % )

  Directions: For each blank for questions 71 -- 80 in the following passage, choose the best answer from the choices given following the passage. Then blacken your answer in the corresponding space on your answer sheet.

  Several regions in the world are subject 71 storms which are so severe that they 72 damage on a tremendous scale. The regions where this 73 are all located on the edges of great oceans. The general term for such severe storms is "cyclone." The term "hurricane" is 74 for storms that occur

  in the North Atlantic Ocean.

  Cyclones and hurricanes differ in one curious way- in a cyclone, the wind circulates 75 a clock-wise direction; in a hurricane, the wind direction is counter-clockwise. 76 cyclones mid hurricanes have one ominous similarity. From the point of view of the damage they cause on land and at sea, they are


  Australia 77 a number of cyclones every year along its northern coast, which faces Indonesia. The cyclones occur mainly in December and January, the summer months in the southern hemisphere. Usually the Australian cyclones don't cause great damage because Australia's northern territory has vast, empty regions that are virtually unpopulated. There are few coastal cities. When a cyclone does move 78 from the sea, it usually blows itself out without striking any inhabited area or causing extensive damage. However, in 1971 the small city of Townville was 79 devastated by a cyclone. There was public outcry about it. People demanded an adequate warning system. Ever since then, the Meteorological Bureau has regularly issued alarms 80 every serious cyclone.

  71. IA] to [ B] for [C] of ID] on

  72. IAI suffer [BI devastate ICI cause ID] make

  73. [ A] is happened [ B ] happens [ C ] is happening [ D ] will happen

  74. IAI called [BI named [C] reserved ID] defined

  75. [A] at [B] under [C] for ID] in

  76. [ A] But [ B] Therefore [ C] Besides [ D] And

  77. [ A ] culminates [ B ] undergoes [ C ] undertakes [ D ] experiences

  78. [ A ] into the land [ B ] inlands [ C ] inland [ D ] through land

  79. [ A ] slightly [ B ] hardly [ C ] scarcely [ D ] completely

  80.[A] in spit of [ B] regardless of [C] in front of [DJ in advance of


  Directions: In this section you will read five passages. Each one is followed by several questions about it. For questions 81 -- 100,you are to choose the one best answer A,B,C or D to each question. Then blacken your answer in the corresponding space on your answer sheet.

  Passage One

  If you are buying a property in France, whether for a permanent or a holiday home, it is important to open a French bank account. Although it is possible to exist on traveler’s cheques, Eurocheques and cred it cards issued by British banks, the fees for these services can be expensive.

  The simplest way to pay regular bills, such as electricity, gas or telephone, particularly when you are not in residence, is by direct debit (a sum withdrawn from an account) from your French account.

  To open a current account, you will need to show your passport and birth certificate and to provide your address in the United Kingdom. You will be issued with a cheque book within weeks of opening the account. In France it is illegal to be overdrawn. All accounts must be operated in credit. However, there are no bank charges.

  Note that cheques take longer to clear in France than in Britain, and can only be stopped if stolen or lost.

  The easiest way to transfer money from a British bank account to a French one is by bank transfer: simply provide your British bank with the name, address and number of your French bank account. The procedure takes about a week and costs between 7 and 40 for each transaction, depending on your British bank.

  Alternatively, you can transfer money via a French bank in London. You can also send a sterling cheque (allow at least 12 days for the cheque to be cleared) ,Eurocheques or traveler’s cheques.

  Finally, it is a good idea to make a friend of your French bank manager. His help can prove invaluable.

  81. If you buy a property in France, you can save money by

  [ A] having a French bank account

  [ B ] transferring money from Britain

  [ C ] cashing traveler’s cheques or Eurocheques

  [ D ] using credit cards issued by British banks

  82. One advantage French banks have over British banks is that

  [ A ] you may take out more money than is in the account.

  [ B ] the interest rates on bank accounts are higher

  [ C ] cheques are dealt with more rapidly

  [ D ] you do not have to pay for services

  83. The swiftest way to send money from England to France is

  [ A ] to forward an English cheque to your French bank

  [ B ] to go to a French bank in London

  [C ] to use a cashier's cheque.

  [ D ] to arrange a bank transfer.

  84. The best title for this passage is

  [ A ] How to Open a French Bank Account

  [ B ] The Difference between Banking in Britain and France

  [ C ] The Way to Transfer Money from Britain to France

  [ D] A Guide to Banking in France


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