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非谓语动词中的有关句型 (1)动名词作主语的句型 1)Doing...+ v. Reading is an art.阅读是门艺术。Seeing is believing.眼见为实。 2) It is + no use, no good (fun, a great pleasure, a waste of time, a bore...)等名词

  1)Doing...+ v. Reading is an art.阅读是门艺术。Seeing is believing.眼见为实。
  2) It is + no use, no good (fun, a great pleasure, a waste of time, a bore...)等名词+doing sth.
  It is no use crying.哭没有用。It is no good objecting.反对也没有用。
  It is a great fun playing football.打篮球很有趣。
  It is a waste of time trying to explain.设法解释是浪费时间。
  3)It is + useless (nice, good,interesting, expensive等形容词)+ doing sth.
  It is useless speaking.光说没用。
  It is nice seeing you again.真高兴又遇到了你。
  It is good Playing chess after supper.晚饭后弈棋挺好。
  It is expensive running this car.开这种小车是浪费。
  4)There is no + doing...(there is no 表“不可能”)
  There is no telling what he is going to do.说出他要干什么是不可能的。
  There is no saying what may happen.说出将要发生什么是不可能的。
  5)There is no use (good/point/sense/harm)+doing sth.做某事没用(不好/意义/重要性)
  There is no use crying over spilt milk.牛奶洒了,哭也无用。
  6)have difficulty /trouble/problem + (in)+doing
  have作有解时,后接情感名词(in可省略),再接动名词。这类词还有trouble, fun, a hard time, a good time.
  例如:We had difficulty (in) carrying out the plan.我们执行计划有困难。
  7)feel like + 名词 感觉像动名词 “ 想要” =would like to +原形动词
  I feel like a newborn baby.我感觉像一个新生的婴儿。
  Do you feel like going to a movie?你想看电影吗?
  I don’t feel like studying tonight.今晚我不想读书。
  8) spend/waste time doing sth.
  They spent a lot time (in) making preparations.他们花了许多时间作准备。
  This problem requires studying with great care.这个问题需要仔细研究。
  10)cannot help doing sth.忍不住(做什么)
  I cannot help laughing, once I see john in that big trouser.
  She smelt something burning and saw smoke rising.她闻到有东西在燃烧并看到有烟升起来了。
  I watched them rehearsing the play.我看他们排演戏。
  I could feel the wind blowing on my face.我能感觉到风在我脸上吹过。
  I caught them stealing my apples.我抓住他们偷我的苹果。
  If she catches me reading her diary,she’ll be furious.如果她抓住我偷看她的日记,她会愤怒的。
  We found him waiting to receive us.我们发现他正等着接待我们。
  3)go +现在分词表示“从事…”之意,这时现在分词做主语补语。go之后所接现在分词均表示短暂而又愉快的户外活动。如:jogging慢跑,fishing钓鱼,dancing跳舞,skating溜冰,bowling打保龄球,shopping 购物,sightseeing游览,camping露营。
  I’ll go camping tomorrow.我明天去露营。
  I’ll go shopping.我去商店。
  Would you like to go skating with me?你想和我去溜冰吗?
  4)be busy + v-ing(现在分词)忙着做…
  I am busy writing my thesis.我正忙着写论文。
  His assistant is busy(in) correcting papers.他的助教忙于批阅考卷。
  或者be busy with + n.忙着做某事。
  He is busy with his work.他忙着工作。
  5)What do you say to + ing分词?(……怎么样?)
  What do you say to joining us for dinner?和我们一起进餐,你看怎么样?
  can not help but do, can not but do, cannot choose but do, can do nothing but do, have no choice/alternative to do
  When I consider how talented he is as a painter, I cannot help but believe that the public will appreciate his gift.
  (4)there be的非谓语形式
  there be非谓语形式可在句中作主语、宾语、状语和定语。(其中作宾语和状语在1991年和1994年测试过,定语见1996年题10。)
  The students expected there to be more reviewing classes before the final exams.(作宾语如1991年题30)
  1)作动词宾语时,通常用there to be结构,而不用there being。能这样用的及物动词为:expect,like,mean,intend,want,prefer,hate等,如:
  We don’t want there to be any comrades lagging behind,我们不希望有任何同志掉队。
  They hate there to be long queues everywhere.他们不愿意处处都要排长队。
  We have no objection to there being a meeting here.我们并不反对在这里开会。
  It isn’t enough for there to be a frost tonight,so I can leave Jim’s car out quite safely.(作状语)
  2)作状语多用there being结构,但若置于介词之后,for用there to be整个介词短语作程度状语,其它多半用there being。
  There being nobody else at hand, I had to do by myself.由于附近没有人,我只得独自干了。(原因状语)
  It’s too early for there to be anybody up.太早了,还不会有人起床。(作程度状语)
  There having been no rain for a long time,the ground was very dry.因为好长时间没下雨了,地面非常干燥。(原因状语)
  3)作主语时两种结构都可以,但如是用for引导则要用there to be。
  It is not uncommon for there to be problems of communication between old and young.老人与年青人之间存在着沟通问题是很常见的。
  There being a kindergarten on campus is a great convenience to female teachers.幼儿园在校园内对女教师十分方便。
  4)作定语。 There be结构作定语时,定语从句中谓语为there be,there之前的关系代词常常省略。如:
  This is the fastest train (that) there is to Nanking.这是到南京的最快一班车。
  I must make full use of the time there is left to me and do as much as I can for the people.我要充分利用我剩下的岁月尽量为人民多做些事。


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